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At-Home Learning

At-Home Learning Assignments for Week of April 20 – 24

*Each week I’ll update this page with learning assignments if they change.


Click the following link to access the iReady website.  Complete one-three Math lessons per week.  I am still keeping up with how many 100% lessons each student gets.  I know we are not at school to celebrate, but that does not mean we can’t still celebrate YOU doing your best!


Visit this link to watch lesson 1: Waves, Energy, and Information.  This was the next topic we were going to cover in Science.  There is not a quiz to take, but I think you’ll enjoy the videos.  I encourage you to research anything about Waves, Energy, and Information that you are curious about after the watch the videos.

Reading and Social Studies:

Check Mrs. Callender and Mrs. Reynolds’ pages for assignments.